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February 26, 2017, 04:21:32 PM by Puma | Views: 1767 | Comments: 43


After a downtime we had to deal with and a quite long time of trial period we finally can leave our stand up notes. We had 2 trial admins that were observed by EPG members for 54 days. That's a lot.. Time to move on:
  • Miker - passes and returns as EPG Level 2 Administrator
  • JappaX - unfortunately fails because of his low interest in game

It seems like Miker has eaten JappaX total week time ( :P ) with his enormous 22 hours which makes him the top active EPG member! Keep it up Miker.

Everything has the other side of the coin. There are members who play a lot and of course members who rank low. We will try to find out what is going on with these members and let you know in the upcoming news. Staying inactive without a reason will result with a kick.

Finally.. something you were waiting for so long. This is time for new trial admins! We selected a couple of Join Requests from our JR section and started a vote. EPG members was leaving their opinion about these members and rated them on a scale of one to five (YESS!!, Yes, Idk/Idc, No, HELL NO!) which simplified the decision leaders had to make. Miker got the highest rate (1.41!) which proves how popular he is. Except Miker, we selected 3 popular (among EPG) regular members who will get a chance to join EPG.

  • Miecznik
  • ChickenWing
  • JackMartinez
become EPG trial administrators! Congratulations.
You are not full EPG members yet, but you're on a great way to be one. Expect a private message with information about your admin duties and login data.

We are running our website and game server on 2 different hosts for a couple of days already. Do you experience any problems? Lags? Please leave a comment if there is something wrong, or create a topic in our bug section.

ΞPG Administration
February 20, 2017, 08:47:09 PM by Chimpulse | Views: 621 | Comments: 3


Sadly we have experienced a rather long downtime of our website. There were some issues with the host where our server was located. We thought we could resolve these issues in a timely manner, but sadly we couldn't. Thankfully one of our members offered to host the website in the meantime. Many thanks to him and many thanks to Puma in helping getting it back up and running again!

We also just started looking for new members just before the site went down. The current plan is that we will announce the new trials before the 27th of February (Monday).

Some functions of the website might not be working properly. If you find anything not working properly please make a topic in our Bug Report board so that we can fix them.

Sorry for the downtime, hopefully you will enjoy your stay.


The EPG Staff

EDIT: New accounts should be able to login now.
January 03, 2017, 09:19:05 PM by Str!k3r | Views: 2861 | Comments: 34

It's that time again..

it's time to take a look behind and be proud. Proud that EPG managed to regain some of it's old glory during the past year.
We're also proud that our team brought home the bacon and ended the year 2016 with a bang, defeating one of our oldest rivals and fellow MTA clans
 - FFS Gaming - in a decent DM clanwar which ended with a rather tight score of 11-9.

We're grateful for all the people who joined us in 2016 and we can be confident while looking forward to 2017. At the same time we appreciate the work people
have done during the past year who are not with us anymore. (hey TiM3)

But the new year's right in front of us, like a new chapter in a book waiting to be written.

Our whole team hopes that everyone got to enjoy and celebrate the holidays with their loved ones.
Furthermore we hope you had a lot of fun gaming on our server this past year and that you'll continue to do so in 2017.

To ensure you'll get to enjoy a decent gaming experience we're ready to announce some news regarding our team.

First of all we are glad to announce that BobMarley finally passed his trial period and is a full lv2 EPG admin as of now.
Welcome aboard!

And of course there are a few guys who get a special opportunity in early 2017. Therefore the following people will get a
trial and join the staff:

- Miker
- JappaX

We hope you'll find your place in our midst and want to give you a warm welcome to the team. Try to do your best during the following weeks and make
sure you contribute to create a friendly and fun atmosphere within our community. Also check your inboxes for account details and read the
trainee board for further instructions/information.

We wish all of you a happy and successful new year 2017!

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