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August 12, 2016, 09:51:45 PM by Str!k3r | Views: 1788 | Comments: 25

It's been a while since we last introduced development regarding our clan and our gamemode.
Therefore we feel the urge to announce a few important changes.

We literally brought the FUN back to EPG. A gamemode our old server supported and which gave everyone a good chuckle.
Hopefully you'll enjoy spending your time in this new room.
If you want to support us, we'd appreciate every new FUN map being created/uploaded.

To cope for the issues our gambling system created, we adjusted the scaling for the betting system and introduced a gambling ban system.
Basically means that admins are now able to ban people from gambling and/or wipe their bidlevel.

We also decided to disable the ghostdriver until further notice in order to compensate for the lags we've been experiencing.

Lately our community has been growing a lot and thus we decided to welcome the following players as trial admins -
to support us and to sustain a nice atmosphere on our server:

We hope you guys find your place in our family and do your best to make our community a better place.
You'll find a message including the most important information regarding your trial period in your inbox. You should also
check the Private Trainee board for further instructions.

Simultaneously there are some sad news as well. Due to overall inactivity we decided to say goodbye to Joskaba.
If you ever become active again we'll be glad to welcome you back to our community. Furthermore the following people will get a final warning
for being inactive without further notice:

We hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
July 10, 2016, 08:05:57 PM by Str!k3r | Views: 960 | Comments: 7

Just FYI:

Our administration realised that people invented a new strategy to produce cash.
I will shortly explain what it's about and why it won't be allowed in future.

What I'm talking about is betfarming. You're allowed to bet on whoever you think is a good pick BUT calling people to rooms just to reach the
required amount of players and telling them to enter so you win your bet IS NOT ALLOWED. Generally it won't be allowed to manipulate the outcome of the game for the sole purpose of generating cash.

If you turn out to be involved in such processes make sure you are prepared for the consequences, such as:

- fines
- resetting your bidlevel
- getting banned

It's important to keep a certain balance when it comes to ingame cash. That's because it might get important for the implementation of future scripts and features.
We will not let certain people destroy the lovely atmosphere and functionality of our server and community.

That's about it.

Str!k3y out.
July 09, 2016, 11:50:30 AM by Lotte | Views: 1724 | Comments: 24

First off, I'd like to say give a big congratulations to everyone. Recently, our server has set a milestone for ourselves, reaching our highest ever of 89 players. I'd like to say thanks to the servers coders, TiM3 & Puma, for their constant hard work to making our server better everyday. I'd also like to thank my fellow clan members for their dedication to promoting an enjoyable atmosphere to the server. Lets continue to move forward!

Now without further ado, lets actually start off the news!
Forum Updates:
Engineer TiM3 has done it again! After 2 and a half years from the last forum update, a new theme has been implemented. The theme is now using a light colour scheme, opposed to the dark colour scheme used by its predecessor, which compliments with our servers overall design. The theme is still being tested so if any of you have any feedback, ideas or bugs to share then feel free to let us know.

Trial Results & Farewell's:
It's been a month since we have started our current trial period and after discussing amongst our clan members we have finally come to a conclusion.

Congratulations to the following:
Welcome to the EPG family! Lets strive to bring a good atmosphere upon the community.
To the rest, TechnO and Deus, we will be extending their trial period until further notice, I wish them the best of luck!

We'd also like to promote a fellow clan-member who has recently dedicated a lot of hard work to the server. This person has continued to be helpful amongst the community, his peers and also currently DJ's regularly for the server. Congratulations Vennel, you have been promoted to the beautiful world of Level 3.

Unfortunately, we're also going to have to kick Rhino due to inactivity. It's hard to let him go and we thank him for all the work he has done for us. If you ever get active again feel free to try out again.

Bid-Level System:
A new system has been implemented called the Bid-Level System. This system works by playing various amounts of flips/rolls/spins/lotteries/pvp's in order to upgrade levels. As a player further progresses into levels the amount of money and tickets you're able to bet increases.
Spoiler: Tutorial • show

1. To access the Bid-Level Panel:
F7 --> Shop --> Bid Level

2. To level up, simply play flips/rolls/spins/lotteries/pvp's, you can keep progress of how much you still have to play via the panel.

3. Once you have met the minimum requirements, simply click the level up button.

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