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  2. new improved theme

    new improved theme <-------click to download
  3. Theme MTA EPG <3

  4. Theme MTA EPG <3

    write the website yourself, you still have background inside the letters.
  5. EPG Logo for Maps

    pretty good, but is not my style :s
  6. EPG Logo for Maps

    before everything,Hello EPG, today I bring a logo for you to put on the maps, if you do not want to, please delete the topic or if you want to comment on download down (EPG staff only) for me to release the download sorry for my English
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  8. Theme MTA EPG <3

    not bad
  9. Theme MTA EPG <3

    Thank you thExplO
  10. Theme MTA EPG <3

    pretty good dude !
  11. Join Request by:Fracassado

    + Your nickname in the game Fracassado + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) My name is Henrique Sousa de Castro Dantas. age : I'm 15 location : I'm from Brazil, I live in Pernambuco Recife studies : I study at the EMAF school. + How long you've been in MTA I do not have much to talk about so let's go there,I Play MTA since 2010,I played on race servers and roleplay,in 2013 I already started messing with scripts examples of scripts I've already created : Car panel,HUD,RADAR ect.. , I quit messing with scripts in 2015,I'm in search of a clan that accepts me,I'm going to go back to fiddle with scripts and that's all I have to say + Why you'd like to join EPG I would like to deal with the discipline on the server, after all these years I think I have experience for this ... +What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team I can fill some gaps in the presence of the administrator and help with script and help the beginners on the server and help the jodores who are with doubts in the forum I am a calm and kind person and I am also zuera in terms of joke and making a funny joke more always at certain hours and I'm dedicated to what I'm doing Thank you for your attention
  12. Theme MTA EPG <3

    thank you very much
  13. Theme MTA EPG <3

    damn thats not bad. good job
  14. Infernus mod

    Hi friend, if you are trying to create an infernus you have to use the following programs TXD Workshop v5.3 = zmodeler = Photoshop = GGMM = zmodeler and to edit dff and if you also want to modify txd you can use it workshop it is used only to get the txd to modify. if you want editalo for txd workshop is simple and only you take the txd of the vehicle and modify in Photoshop, then after modifying you send back to the workshop and saves, and good that you use ggmm to see if there is something wrong in the edited vehicle and if you do not understand anything, and only you see a video lesson from someone to learn
  15. Theme MTA EPG <3

    Hello EPG community, I made a mta theme for yours, it's incomplete Download -
  16. my 3dspeedo

  17. my 3dspeedo

  18. my 3dspeedo

    how did you put this photo that appears underneath what you wrote? I'm new here, and I do not know much English.
  19. my 3dspeedo

    You just downloaded this from the MTA community resources site. lmao
  20. my 3dspeedo

    my 3dspeedo 1.0
  21. What do you expect?

    Moments in, European Pro Gamers 2.0
  22. What anime are you watching?

    What anime is everyone watching nowadays? I've seen a few shows that looks a little promising from this season alone. I'm currently trying to watch the first 2 seasons of both A Certain Magical Index (along with the movie) and A Certain Scientific Railgun, so I can get caught up and watch the 3rd season of Index which is currently airing. I guess one of the other side stories, A Certain Scientific Accelerator, is gonna have it's own show airing in 2019 along with a third season of Railgun.
  23. What do you expect?

    Flying cars
  24. Greats from WF

    this is real, see my instagram im not fake
  25. See this post not

    You are a nab, lol ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)
  26. What do you expect?

    Hydra new trial
  27. What do you expect?

    tim3’s backdoor
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