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Pictures of your Car

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^E39 was the best 5 series in terms of looks. A buddy of mine has a 540i (M62B44 V8).


I traded the Saab last September and bought a 2018 MK7.5 Golf 1.8tsi.  I like it. Clutch was hard to get used to though and I don't like having reverse beside 1st gear. 


The current owner who bought my saab told me the car died a week after he got it, The fuel pump, ignition cassette, motor mounts and exhaust hanger bushing had to be replaced lol.


Not sure if I plan on keeping the golf after the warranty expires, so I will probably get the 2020 Corolla since it will have the engine from the new Auris/Corolla hatchback and rev-matching downshifts (plus Toyota reliability). That being said, I love the Golf. For being Mexican-built, the build quality is very good. I don't have plans to mod the car (yet).


The power and torque from the little 1.8 is amazing. It's fun to drive, gets decent fuel consumption (9L/100km city). 


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