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  1. Hi

    No unmute for you and make unmute requests in English next time.
  2. how can i become admin plz answer my question


  3. Unban request i got it before 1 year

    Cheaters aren't welcome here.
  4. MTA since 2010

    I've been playing since 2008
  5. Coming back - 😈

    That was a fast year :) Welcome back.. I guess

    Thanks again maybe this time i will stick around longer and welcome back old farts. Sad to see so many members leaving. But anyways gratz trial
  7. Fin's JR

    + Your nickname in the game: - FinlandDude + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.): - I'm Juho, I'm 20 years old I live in Finland. + How long you've been in MTA: - I've been playing MTA since 2008. + Why you'd like to join EPG: - I like the atmosphere inside the clan. + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: - I'd like to help with reports and mutes/unbans. I got a experience from the past with EPG and XIII
  8. Annual EPG awards 2017

    General Awards: Best player of the year: - Best admin of the year: Minski, ChickenWing Most useful EPG member of the year: Lopsided Most useful non-EPG member of the year: Tim3 Best comeback to MTA of the year: - Biggest asskisser/Wannabe Admin: Silas DM Player of the Year: the_jetfire DD Player of the Year: ChickenWing Stinger Award (Funniest player): HolyS Biggest Douchebag: Sparta SilasOMito Award (Most Annoying Player): Silas and HRD Biggest No-Lifer: Sneg Biggest loss of the year: Puma, Nicusi Map Awards: Map of the Year: - Most Original Map: - Worst Map: - PAwlo Award (Mapper of the Year): Fastcola Other Awards: EPG Moment of the Year: - Favorite Forum Member: NitroN Award (Biggest Spammer): HRD Comment of the Year: '' I was in hospital because of mta'' - HRD
  9. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    Welcome back old farts and congratz to new trials
  10. Unban

  11. will be goodbye :?

    Dont care about virtual money. It's worthless
  12. UnMute #Spark

    Yes. You will be unmuted BUT if you make a mistake again, you WON'T be unmuted.
  13. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Pic or didn't happen