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  1. Designing logos

    Hello fellow users, today I found a cool website wich can be used to create creative logos for free! Check down below > Example:
  2. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    Russia - Saudi Arabia 4:0
  3. Time to talk... what's going on?

    Well, in my point of view a completely new gamemode would be a fascinating idea with a whole new style to EPG Doing so: shall increase the number of players on the server since the new style of EPG will be better I personally believe it would be better to take more time and do something remarkable rather than doing mediocre in a short period of time. so may the luck be in you. In conclusion , I wish good luck to the EPG Leaders. We are waithing for the new gamemode Keep us informed and in touch about any progress. Thank you.
  4. Post your Desktop!

  5. Pictures of your Car

    BMW SERIES 5 E39 V6 (turbo) 230 bhp. BMW X5 4.8i V8 385 bhp.
  6. Is anyone still playing GTA5 online?

    I do play gta V on the PlayStation 4 pro, here's my stats: My ID: txadowtv
  7. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I do play Counter Strike Go. So ill leave down below my steam ID so you guys can add me and play together ! aha HostileFR
  8. JR

  9. Reporting for impresionating

    My nickname: StealthGamer Who I am reporting: [NFF]StealthGamer, StealthGamer Rules violated: Impresionating my name. Proof (Screenshots or videos):, Additional info: They dont obey me, told 'em various times to change their nicknames
  10. Hey. I'm back after a *very* long hiatus.

    Hey, Welcome back