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  1. What do you expect?

    tim3’s backdoor
  2. Pictures of your Car

    You're still here
  3. Bootje ft. ProGear - Peerless

    Progear pro but more importantly bootje noob
  4. [DM] NitroN v8 - Riverside

    Nice map, good song, great editing
  5. ExM

    please add this suggestion to the server i would appreciate it thank
  6. Website Downtime

    I need this information very much if you have enough time to explain.
  7. Time to talk... what's going on?

    I'd like to back-door @TiM3 if you know what I mean
  8. What do you think of the new forum (& suggestions)

    I like the modernized theme, but the elements feel too large and there's a lot going on on the screen.
  9. your video had some epic moments :-) vvv
  10. Roast a Player above you

    I know ProGear posted above but I can't help it, I've wanted to say this for a while and it's long overdue. Laura, you are a FAKE American.
  11. League Of Legends

    Anyone play on NA servers? Add me, astrokenetic
  12. Donald Trump illuminati?

    A lot of the politics and media in America is controlled by the DNC. Trump beat the MSM (Mainstream media) as well as the corrupt politicians. It's a good direction for America.
  13. Donald Trump illuminati?

    In 1988, Donald Trump told Oprah he would run for President if things got bad. In 1998, Donald Trump told People Magazine that Republicans are the dumbest voters. In 2000, Simpsons made an episode making fun of Donald Trump. States are either majority democratic or majority republican, and the map is an accurate predication that any chimpanzee and his mother could have made. Also,
  14. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    I'm happy. Trump 2016 and hopefully Trump 2020. America is about to become great again.