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  1. Oh thank you, that was something I was missing :yesyes: Hahahha of course is not a problem! :ahyes: If you read Dutchowna, reply pls :D Hey thanks Flake, I'll be in Amsterdam all May. For now I found a hostel for the first 15 days, maybe we could meet for the other 15 days! I'm seriously considering your offer if there are no problems for you. Consider that I just need a bed and a WiFi. FYI: I'm travelling in EU coz I found a 100% remote job, so during the week I need to work 9-18. Yeah I'm registered to couchsurfing but I never used it, I should give it a try some day. Thank you for all other replies, I appreciate them :)
  2. Hey all, what's up? Long time since I haven't logged in here. Hope EPG still rocks like old times! :zxc: I will go directly to the point of this thread. I'm currently travelling around EU and my next stop will be Amsterdam or Berlin and I would really LOVE if someone could host me in a room of your house. I pay of course. :n1: I'm asking this coz I noticed that Airbnb for Amsterdam is so fucking expensive, and I haven't expected it. :woah: But I used it for all other cities I've been for now. If no one can, I'd appreciate some websites to rent a room in Amsterdam or Berlin, apart of Airbnb Thank you for any reply guys! :hi:
  3. Goodbye

    [0fc]Goodbye![/0fc] This is the end for me. I leave. I gave everything I could, but now it's not anymore worth it. I really had fun these years, but everything ends sooner or later. I'd like to say thanks to every single player that did something great for the clan during these years: [0fc]tma:[/0fc] for his awesome gamemode that lasted 3+ years [0fc]Chris[/0fc]: for leading us since the beginning and for hosting the server [0fc]Puma:[/0fc] who leaded with me and scripted a lot of awesome stuff [0fc]Striker:[/0fc] who leaded with and without me and gave everything he could for the clan [0fc]Chimpulse:[/0fc] who moderated the forum and the server in a perfect way and was one of the most lasting player [0fc]Martyz, XeroX, Pawlo[/0fc] and others: for all the awesome maps you made [0fc]SmokyDRFT and TiS:[/0fc] who suggested me for the first time to let me join the clan (3 years ago) [0fc]ShockWave, Tropic, Martyz, CG, Never, Str!k3r[/0fc] and others: who helped me to test or fix the maps [0fc]FastCar, HellYea and Draco:[/0fc] who always suggested new ideas for EPG and who orgainzed some tournaments [0fc]TW and CW managers:[/0fc] who organized team wars and exciting clan wars [0fc]and everyone I forgot coz you are too many...[/0fc] Good luck everyone... I had great times with you all :sweetie: :(
  4. Trials results

    The trials Draco and Promoe unfortunately are not promoted due to their inactivity. Although I'm pretty sure their inactivity is also caused by the whole server low amount of players. I hope we will "fix" that somehow and give you back the unique EPG experience we had before. Any suggestion about the server is appreciated, but we can't do much because all leaders are currently inactive or busy IRL. Cheers.
  5. [DONE] Show Forum Stats - Show Game Stats

    - Added a simple link under each profile. - Added the banner on each full profile (for example click me or any other member nickname).
  6. heyooo

    Is this your old profile?;u=87
  7. [DONE] Show Forum Stats - Show Game Stats

    Nice idea, I'll try to do it tomorrow.
  8. Let's enable rockets on DM :asd:
  9. someone chaged my forum pass
  10. GTA V Goes First-Person

    Imho it's awesome.
  11. Lotto!!!

    No luck based ways to get points, ty.
  12. [DONE] Stunt limit

    Agree, or it will fucks up the stats.
  13. [RACE] [R] MSR2

    I uploaded them originally, but now they got reuploaded or edited, coz I can't edit them anymore. Btw I added only these maps and they are already tested coz I made a tournament on them years ago. ;)
  14. [RACE] [R] MSR2

    I uploaded these maps, the list is: beachfront, caper, caper2, chiliad, clip, control, drift, freewheel, lsrace, lsrace2, lvrace, lvrace2, msr, msr2, nrg, reckless, sfrace, torrent, tourismo, tourismo2. I cannot edit them coz I think striker reuploaded them... please don't delete them btw, they are awesome maps.
  15. Guinea Pigs and more

    Nice work! (y)