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  1. Theme MTA EPG <3

    damn thats not bad. good job
  2. What do you expect?

    Flying cars
  3. Bootje ft. ProGear - Mob Ties

    wat? that map was made years ago. you would expect this map if you've played my newer solo map: passing light, as most of the ideas were extracted and altered from that to this ft...
  4. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    Russia 3 - 1 - Saudi arabia
  5. Hello, Goodbye

    Gratz guys
  6. OMFG I found my first map :c (2000)

    Fake news
  7. Pictures of yourself

  8. Pictures of yourself

    nice shirt, do u wear that on the dinner table?
  9. What anime are you watching?

    Tsuki ga Kirei is such a heart warming anime. Me almost cried ;(
  10. Hello Guys

    I remember u hey