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  1. What do you expect?

    Because we have way more possibility in the new script i expect more updates, faster bugfixes,... Also i expect @HolyS gets deranked to trial i hate him so much <3
  2. A way to awake EPG's mapping style

    I exactly know what you mean :D I would help out with deco when i got time for it.
  3. Bootje ft. ProGear - Mob Ties

    Wow nice track, deco and video :) i like it a lot x)
  4. [DM] Cookie ft. Fastcola - Edge of the World

    Wow awesome!
  5. Designing logos

    Nice but templates are not unique :/
  6. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    Costa Rica 2 :1 Serbia Germany 3 : 2 Mexico Brazil 4 : 1 Switzerland
  7. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    Russia - Saudi Arabia 2:0
  8. Pictures of yourself

  9. ❤ Tomorrowland ❤

    Nice one ;)
  10. Fix server's economy

    I really share with you that there is something wrong with our money system. For the future i would rework the level system (bid). For example: Level 1 can max. have 500.000$. (level up costs 250k) Level 2 can max. have 750.000$. (level up costs 375k). ... The result should be that no one really have too much money. In addition items are in realation with levels (Car textures can only be orderd >= level3). So the players have more motivation to play on the server. For the update i would wipe theire money to the limit: ~[EPG]~Holys 2.000$ ~[EPG]~Done 800.000$ -> 500.000$ ~[EPG]~Silas 800.000.000$ -> 500.000$ And maybe remove the /flip, /spin, /roll because this functions are generating money. But im also agreeing hard with @FastCar . Dont look at others money (maybe we should disable it). If someone want to purchase something then its not that hard. Whats the point of having 999.999.999$?
  11. What is happening

    dat bait tho i will report you
  12. Hello & welcome back! :)
  13. I created this mockup 2 years ago. This project was shutted down by Take2. Used tools: Photoshop Dribbble Download this and other concepts here for free
  14. Hello, Goodbye

    Congruatiulation guys <3
  15. Wow sick job guys I like the mapping style a lot(deco and track)!