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  1. Greats from WF

    This is bullshit
  2. Anti-Spray in hunter room

    Y'all still suck, antispray wont help you aim better, lay off. :stonger:
  3. Pictures of yourself

    Was gonna show my clean ass haircut but nahhh.. Laura got them all including the nudes
  4. Pictures of yourself

    that nose Dat nose
  5. Short montage

    Its wonderful to see you guys like the server so much that y'all are even making vids about our gameplay and that my friends is what gaming is all about!!! Quality and DD skills are preaty nice... by the way, Is there any way i could get a loan on that cash you got there LOL :stonger:
  6. Happy 2017

    Wise decitions mate!! 2016 was a year full of success, we got our thing going on again and reached 100+ players. Big thanks to the leaders who never lost hope on bringing the server back to the top spots and keeping all of us in the same place while spending their precious on time on it!! Congrats to Bob, FUCKING Miker and PPAPXX!! Lov y'all
  7. Abused admin

    I admit I'm a gambler but I will never provoke nor threaten someone to get what I want, this is just pure lies. Please stop posting useless reports with no evidence.
  8. Abused admin

    I never said anything threatening to you, thats a total lie. First of all, you guys are always annoying me and calling me all sort of names in spanish, I muted you guys because its not fair to annoy other people by talking Spanish in Global ON PURPOSE.. with that being said, the 10 min mute is staying and the Gambling ban i gave to Krew is also staying for constantly raging because of PVP and Insulting because of it.
  9. ThundR's Unban & Unmute Request

    I havent been online that much lately, sorry. I unbanned you two times already and the same thing happened, im not gonna risk the awesome atmosphere we've created in the past couple of months; therefore, this wont happen anytime soon.
  10. Report Xavvier

    I removed the other 2 pics, let me upload them.
  11. Report Xavvier

    Never thought you'd take it so serious LOL - I guess hes mad cuse he lost them PVPz... - Thats how i talk with everyone LOL - Well everyone knows how i am and i guess i just didnt know he was gonna take it so serious, although he has borken rules in the past and insulted in arabic and since i dont have those screnshots, i'd take my punishment... oh wait I got the screens.. Proof that you started with the provoking trashtalk :stonger: +Insulting in arabit +English only chat +Provoking I'm gonna take my 10 min mute but im also gonna punish him Sexy Style. Thanks for the reporting yourself and meh. http://i.imgur.com/jvyRZvJ.png?1[/img] http://i.imgur.com/SoYdam6.png?1[/img] http://i.imgur.com/1IvZL7w.jpg?1[/img]
  12. I reported by faking

    Hola amigo: Primero - No puedes crear una cuenta con el TAG de EPG porque no esta permitido y seras baneado - No puedes poner el TAG de EPG en tu nombre en el servidor tampoco porque seras baneado La solucion es que the registres nuevamente con un usuario que no contenga el TAG de EPG, un simple usuario estaria perfecto. No intentes usar el TAG en el servidor porque seras baneado nuevamente, tampoco esta permitido que uses el nombre de alguien mas porque te sacara del servidor y seras baneado. Si deseas jugar en nuestro servidor tendras que seguir las reglas, no es dificil, solo crea otra cuenta y listo.
  13. i wanna report ( Messi ) Admin

    How did i helped him if i was the first one to die? LMFAO - You can even see in the pic that i was the first guy to die so how could i've helped him? Teaming is allowed anyway LOL - You cant camp on a DD map if you can still reach him, he still got down ( Scared becasue i was gonna blow him, wasnt gonna do it anyways ) and killed you without doing that LOL -He gave me the cash like 5 minutes after that happened and it wasnt because of all this nonsense... there's no way I could've helped him LOL. Get skills bambi.
  14. WHEN????

    When I'm the richest in-game