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  1. Greats from WF

    This is bullshit
  2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    sean upcoming new trial ( before server news )
  3. So each Language will have its own chat - yeah that might work. But various servers out there have already implanted that idea, won't be an original one tho
  4. So basically you're saying you want a whole room just for foreign languages? And how is that going to work exactly? just sit and talk? without doing anything? or copying one of the game-modes into just a room where people play and chat? Seems pointless.
  5. Pictures of yourself

    *fap* *fap* *fap*
  6. Please not look

    Perhaps you should warn people with epilepsy
  7. Fix server's economy

    It's just virtual cash. Size is not everything in this case, doesn't matter who has bigger. Having tremendous amounts of cash won't change anything for anyone - those are just numbers. I simply don't care whether I have 2.9k or 2.9m, what others have is really not important to me. I'm having fun without all those dollars floating through my eyes, and if someone has a bigger stack of cash - good luck with that. Nothing has to be changed imo.
  8. Legend maps from the past and the present

    tma.sae tma.sae
  9. The voice of the best admin is during this month

  10. I am back (again)

    This topic is like 3 months old or smth and you still react like its new The true love for out beloved Tim is now officialy gone,
  11. Coming back - 😈

    This could be a good meme

    Congratulations proskis
  13. I am back (again)

    Justin Timberlake. Just In Tim Berlake. Welcome back friend.
  14. Back in the game !

    Hey Gematria, good to see you buddy