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  1. Best Admin of Epg ?

    PlayFa1r Southwind DutchOwna Flemm Zeta Striker Flake Chimpulse Xtract Budya !root! Alpacino Chuckles Battaniik Cyclone FunGT Gigi KillerNL Leatherface MikeR NitroN Puma Ryan Steve Tim3 Tis Yoona
  2. MTA DM Hard Map :)

    Haven't played this game in a while but I'm sure I could complete this map in 1 try. I like it though, but I wouldn't call it hard.
  3. Post your Desktop!

  4. Str!k3r vs ???

    Blindshots - every single hit. Basically my fault for letting the pvp continue. How about you start playing again? :b I'll hop by if I have some free time ^^ Glad to see the server is finally getting the attention it deserves.
  5. Str!k3r vs ???

    21st match: ~[EPG]~Str!k3r [ 4 ] vs TC|xDarK1nG [ 6 ] (blindshots were allowed) Fuck's this Dan?
  6. FPS/Performance test

    28.372 :)
  7. Reintroduction!

    hahah jij ook nog hier :rock: (for the english people who wants to know what i've just said; 'hahah you still here') Ja man, ik speel alleen niet meer ;p
  8. Reintroduction!

    Gekke man
  9. power shot

    I thought you meant a hunter shot that goes much faster than a normal rocket shot.. That would be pretty cool but what you suggested now is horrible.
  10. Best Admins and Veterans

    Nah bro I've been kicked out of the clan 2 times and left it 1 time, I'm a bad boy
  11. Best Admins and Veterans

    PlayFa1r / Play|Fair *
  12. The end of the world

    How am I not a veteran yet? I've put blood sweat and tears in the maps I made for you guys man
  13. Damn son halfway your post I made some popcorn, some juicy stuff in there. Welcome.
  14. ❁ BlueRay's V10 Infernus [Mitsubishi Lancer]

    This looks an awful lot like an old Infernus mod I had. (Chuckles'?)