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  1. unmuted

    You have posted now 3 topics. Stop spamming the forums, it wont help.
  2. Please not look

  3. unmuted me im Tenshi


  4. Hello, Goodbye

    Congratulations new trials and welcome to the team! :)
  5. Hps|Skeppy Unmute request

    You are now unmuted. Dont do it again.
  6. unban me pls xBaZoOoKaaa

    Cheaters are not welcome here.
  7. Unmuted

  8. MTA since 2010

    Since 2014.. 4 years
  9. hello it's my first day in EPG.

    Welcome ! I hope you enjoy your stay and see you in-game.
  10. Coming back - 😈

    I understand you might get offended when someone calls you "dude" or "bro" or "man", BUT I think we can all agree that 95% of the MTA's playerbase consist of male players. Therefore its always expected that everyone are men when they play this game. None of my girlfriends play this game. You should not be offended for someone calling you male. Players call me "Bro","Dude","Man" most of the time and i'm fine with it. Krillbow and others are just confused because no one on this server takes their gender as serious as you are taking. (or atleast that i know) They are just trying to help you, so please try to listen to them. Your answers show that you are not interested when you get help, but you still complain? So what are you achieving from it? You kinda just make a fool out of yourself with these topics. I hope you can enjoy the game itself with no problems and besides you can always report players if something happens. Anyways, i hope you enjoy your time in EPG, welcome back! (whether if it was a year or not)

    Congrats lvl2s and trials! You all deserved it
  12. I am back (again)

    Welcome Backkk ~
  13. Back in the game !

    Welcome back!
  14. Leaving EPG - Miku

    If you got proof of this situation and you want to report someone, then do it instead of making these kind of topics where you kinda complain but you wont open whats wrong. I have nothing against you, but these kind of topics reminds me of people who are only seeking for attention. As Vennel said, its one of our (admins) tasks to try to keep good atmosphere in the server, so that's why there is 'report a player' section. You can also contact admin in private. If you don't want to (or so i have understood), then i cant stop you from leaving the server. Good bye then.

    Not his first time. I'll mute him for 1 hour. Thanks for the report!