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  1. Theme MTA EPG <3

    not bad
  2. What do you expect?

    zombies would be awesome actually... more commands.... and lvl2 admin....:"(
  3. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    England 1:2 Belgium
  4. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    France 1:1 Belgium Croatia 1:0 England
  5. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    Brazil 2:0 Costa Rica Nigeria 0:2 Iceland Serbia 1:0 Switzerland
  6. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    France 2-1 Peru Argentina 1-2 Croatia
  7. Report sG^SemTeX

    Thank you for your report! il punish him for a bit longer cause it is not his first time.
  8. *TaCksTiCks*! ll Spam in chat

    Thank you for the report! He will be punished.
  9. Ty for your report! Punished!
  10. Stock and Super ll Violators of the law

    Thank you for your report! I am gonna punish him shortly! :)
  11. The voice of the best admin is during this month

    Every single one! except Tulio ofc...
  12. Brenda'SkG

    Thank you for your report. Il mute him for 2 hour since its not his first time.
  13. A threat from Alberto'SkG

    It is not really a threat. He just said that Exodo is going to give you a ban. Which obviously he wont because there is no reason or proof for that ban.
  14. Curiosity

    the reason i muted was that you said /ds in global chat what obviously isnt allowed,but that wasnt your first time so i muted you for 3 hours. 3 hours was a bit harsh as Wintersea i deleted your mute and set it to 30 min.... Please dont say to others to dislike songs...cause that is not allowed and i dont really see the point in saying that. I apologize again.
  15. i am Luka from Croatia And Luka wants to get in EPG... Ty.