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  1. World Cup 2018 Bookmaker

    Russia - Saudi Arabia 2:0
  2. Hello, Goodbye

    Another join round has passed and we are happy to share the results with you. During the past few weeks we discussed, voted, and made a decision. As a result, we would like to invite the following players to join our team as trial members: - Mondim - MxM - Panda You will be contacted shortly with all the details. However, there ain’t no sunshine without rain, the following members have decided to part ways with EPG. - Sparta - Optimal We hope to see you return soon, and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming adventures! If you did not get picked this time, try your luck again next join round. We are constantly looking for new cool people to join our EPG family!
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  4. Hostile's Introduction

  5. Finally, some news.

    Congrats guys!!!!!
  6. Hiii

  7. Kuroen's introduction

    Welcome, Derry! Have fun.
  8. Hey Guys :)

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay :hi:
  9. Hi

    Labas ;)
  10. Sparta

    As a former admin, you should know that asking for /ds just because you don't like the song is not a way to go. I don't see this as being a valid report.
  11. Maybe Mayday

    Congrats to my favorite Latvian, Lithuanian, and Uyghur people! And congrats to GriZZ, you deserve it!:)
  12. Deliriyom

    Labas! :awesome:
  13. I like your signature
  14. Boost

    Congrats guys!