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  1. INFERNUS 3000

    The only suggestion I can come up with.. Remove your logo from Infernus. J/k! Looks like an awesome job, Yoshi ^^ Edit: Yeah, I hope it has dual colors as well.
  2. New Chat Room Idea

    Seems like a decent idea. I assume people would be able to be in one room at a time, cause if not - that would be confusing as fuck.
  3. MTA FLO Vs Skotinka

    "Skatinka" lmao. Yeah, that was funny ^^
  4. Which music do you like?

    One of my favorite piano pieces..
  5. New Level 2 Members

    Gratz ;]
  6. Happy B-day, all the best!
  7. Which music do you like?

  8. We've moved to a new VPS!

    I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but this one seemed to lag less for me (speaking of lag itself, not ping. My ping is always awesome lmao)
  9. Ron1 v4 - On my way to paradise

    Reminds me of his v3 in some parts. Some new ones were added, though.. I guess I expected a bit more from Ron1 this time :| GJ nevertheless.
  10. Harlem shake.

    Retarded. Nothing else to say.
  11. Which music do you like?

    Keep finding new songs on the radio :|
  12. Map Sneak Peeks

    Well, yeah, I know it sucks and so, but I had to finish map (which was started almost 2 years ago lol). It might take up to a week to finish with all that lame deco and buggy parts.. and I'd need someone to record it after I finish it (I don't really give a fuck who, I just need to have video in YT somewhere lmao).
  13. Gaming Reduced

    Army <3 Good luck there ^^