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  1. DeathZone

    I apologize to you if you think so after asking me several times for money and fun wars. Even things that are obvious, what do you expect me to do when I'm on the toilet next time I'm pissin' my pants. Yeah? no seriously, after I came back i got spammed > '' BRO CAMPER BLOW''' BLOW'' ''FUCK ADMIN'' ''I SEX UR MOM''. The sad fact is that, I have to justify myself for that. I hope you feel more taken serious after i told you how to report me and look im not usless yaay If someone wants to add something else, feel free to unlock this topic.

    Congratulations lvl 2s & Trials.
  3. New Years News

    Thank you Congratulations to everyone
  4. Annual EPG awards 2017

    General Awards: Best player of the year: Winter, Striker Best admin of the year: Fidycent, Laura Most useful EPG member of the year: Holys Most useful non-EPG member of the year: Draaaac.. . Best comeback to MTA of the year: Biggest asskisser/Wannabe Admin: DM Player of the Year: Tulio DD Player of the Year: ChickenWing & Hydra Stinger Award (Funniest player): Sparta Biggest Douchebag: Silasomito Grizz SilasOMito Award (Most Annoying Player): <-- Biggest No-Lifer: ChickenWing Biggest loss of the year: Striker Map Awards: Map of the Year: [DD] Martin ft. Holzhocker - Random Luck Most Original Map: [DD] Martin ft. Holzhocker - Random Luck Worst Map: - PAwlo Award (Mapper of the Year): - Other Awards: EPG Moment of the Year: - Favorite Forum Member: Jetfire NitroN Award (Biggest Spammer): - Comment of the Year:
  5. Uncheck nubs

    Hello, first of all no one told you to give me money, one day before I've told you we aren't your Bank warehouse. After you sended me money i handed it over Sparta, I don't really know what you exactly suppossed. As an Admin I gave you a good advice, you're always playing PvPS outside the PvP panel which means that everything what happens with your cash is your own risk. Anyways I do not know what you have agreed but that should be a lesson for you. I think you need a break from PvP's (gambling) and also from chat because of your bad attitude. And by the way whats the big idea ? (how to remove the white boarder lel)
  6. Reporting SMTHY.asd for hacking/bugging

    I am aware of this issue it happens sometimes (accidentally) I tried that also but leave/rejoin will not help as far as i know. There is no hack that you can use to win pvp challanges. If you already have found something in your folder that you can proof f.g scorelist/deathlist while you played this rank challenge upload it if you want too. Maybe we will refund you in full, leaders have to decide it and only they can do that, but as i mentioned before it would be much easier for us to see other screens otherwise we can not help you Thanks for your patience
  7. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    thank you for giving me the opportunity
  8. ShopQuestion:?

    Maybe you should renew the shop or rather add more features and functions. Bid-level that's a good example, or missions (f.g) freeroam< (more like that) but it does not need urgent involve the shop. That would be more fun at the same time to have more opportunities ingame
  9. WorldFlower with Jesus Christ

    Wann erscheint dein Abo special mit Farid Bang und Kollegah
  10. About me Hello, my name is Mikael I am 17 years old and I live in Germany. I am currently attending the comprehensive school of Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf, I have also completed my graduation this year. Accordingly I have already registered myself for the 11th grade, so I guess the educational system is anywhere different. Since last week holidays began for me. My older brother Schehat aka ChickenWing told me to play here so I have been playing here since three or four months. Why you'd like to join EPG I would like to join EPG because I really like to spend my time on this server & honestly it's the first server I really enjoy playing on. I can't see any disadvantage, this is a professional community which is active and helpful. I can do my bit if I get a chance, here is much potential to identify. I can also help to solve some difficutlies with your help. What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team I can help you with testing maps, organize clanwars besides increasing my activity on this server. I'm an experienced player my skills aren't bad my behavior is proper. I can help players if they have some questions. It is also important to smooth down differences.