New Years News

    By Chimpulse,


    This might be a little bit late, but we hope you all have had a great new year! Now it’s time for the first news of this year! The last news were a year ago after all!

    First off, we've been doing some behind the scenes voting. Voting for what you might ask? Well, we thought it was time to get us some new leaders. Yes you read that right, leaders. After the voting it became quite clear to Lopsided and me that we had two very capable people who others also wanted to see as leaders. So without further ado say hello to two new leaders of EPG.

    Laura & Fidycent

    We'd also like to congratulate all trials for passing their trial period. Welcome to level 2 admins:

    - Done
    - Sean
    - DeathZone

    Now, we're not done yet. There are also some peeps who've been level 2 for quite some time. Now you've got new people to constantly ask to start funwars! Say hi to some new level 3 admins:

    - Fschill
    - HolyShit

    We're almost at the end of the news now. It’s time to say hello to our new Clanwar manager. Hopefully we can start winning again under the reigns of Jetfire.

    Sadly, with the good news we often also have some sad news. Afghani will be inactive/leaving us for now. Hopefully we will see him again in the future! We will also have to say goodbye to Grizz. Due to circumstances he won't be a member of EPG anymore.

    That’s all for now,


    ~ EPG

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    By LopSided,

    Ho ho ho...


    We're back again for another join round & some quick news. However before we move on to that, we've recently had some departures - unfortunately we have to say goodbye to the following members:


    - Str!k3r
    - Fastcola
    - FinlandDude


    We wish you all the best of luck for the future - and we thank you for everything you've done during your time as EPG members!


    And now the moment you've been waiting for, we're happy to announce that the following people are now EPG trials:


    - Done
    - Sean
    - DeathZone


    Congratulations! You'll find some useful information in your PMs - we'll be watching over the coming weeks to see how well you handle your new responbilities.


    But wait, there's more! Say hello to some old faces:


    - XaviieR
    - Exodo


    They will be joining us as full members (level 2) - with them being ex-members we're confident they know what they're doing ;)


    We will be announcing some promotions in the coming weeks (before Christmas), so look out for that.


    Happy holidays!


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    A few changes...

    By LopSided,



    As you may of noticed, we have a new site. You may already be aware for the reason behind this - we've been experiencing bot attacks due to the old SMF forum software, which has been causing the website and server to be super slow. Besides this, we wanted to ensure the security of all of our users - we felt that pushing a new website as soon as possible would be the best plan of action.


    In case you didn't notice the big "PLEASE READ BELOW" text above, you will need to request a password reset to your email address in order to log in to the forum (click here to do so), note: the password reset email may be flagged as spam, so be sure to check the spam folder. Alternatively (if you have forgotten your email or such) you can contact LopSided#7028 on Discord.


    This does not affect your in-game logins, you can login with both your details from the old forum and your new details here. This new forum uses display names from the old forum, so if you had a different account/display name please be aware of that when logging into the site or requesting a new password.


    Please report any bugs that you find on this new site - as I'm sure you can appreciate, we threw this website together fairly quickly to ensure all of our users were kept safe.


    Moving on from this, we'd just like to remind you that we will be voting for the latest trials to join EPG very soon! For this reason, if you are looking to be apart of our wonderful team, make sure you are active over the next week or so!


    That's all for now - if you have any problems either in-game or with the website please make us aware and we'll do our best to help!