Finally, some news.

    By LopSided,

    Hello - yes, we're still here!


    We've had a busy couple of months here, as you may of noticed with the numerous server issues. After a long time debugging and trying to work out what the problem was, we eventually decided to switch hosts - which has solved everything!


    On the same note, if you didn't already see the massive flashing banner above telling you about the IP changes, our new IP for MTA:SA is


    Unfortunately we have noticed a slight dip in the playerbase, mainly due to the fact we have changed IPs - meaning most players who don't check the site regularly and just have us in their MTA favourites will assume the server is down. For this reason, we would really appreciate if you can share the server with friends, by inviting them to play.


    However, not to worry! We have something very special coming up (soon tm) which will be announced within the next couple of weeks. Anyway, on-to some news from within the clan.


    After a record breaking 2 MONTHS and 22 DAYS of trial time, we are glad to finally announce that both ExplO and Winter have passed as trials and will become full level 2 members. Congratulations!


    This time round we won't be choosing any new trials, we simply haven't had enough time on our hands to sort through the join requests. We will be choosing our next round of trials very shortly - so look out for that! Any current Join Requests in the forum will be kept for the next join round, but feel free to post a new one (even if you've already posted one, you might want to update some details)


    Finally, if you aren't already aware, EPG has a discord server which you can join by going to DISCORD.ME/EPG - we hope to see you there.


    That's all again for now. Keep a close eye on the site for updates over the coming weeks - you might just be surprised as to what we've got in store!

    It's about time we did that thing where we announce stuff.

    By LopSided,

    Hello, greetings from your new overlord.


    It's been just short of 2 months since we posted our last news update. Since then, a lot of things have been going on inside the clan. By now you will have noticed we have moved to a new game server, which seems to be running much smoother than our previous host. Thanks to Chris for all of his help with the old server, and keeping EPG up and running - even at a time when he was less active in the community; if you are ever in England then come and see me, first pints on me!


    As you'll probably already know - I (LopSided) was promoted to leader status! I'll try not to abuse my power too much, but I can't make any promises ;)


    Next - after a (very) prolonged trial period, we are relieved to announce the results. Congratulations to the following people for becoming full level 2 members:


    • Fidycent
    • HolyS
    • GRIZZ
    • Sparta


    You have all done a great job as trials, thus proving that you fit nicely into our family. Sadly though, with every high comes a low. We have to say goodbye to the following members (some of whom you may already be aware of) - this is either their own decision or due to inactivity:


    • Puma
    • Nicus
    • Miker
    • Draco
    • Dan!
    • JackMartinez


    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Puma was a core part of this clan, and he did alot for the server in regards to coding - as well as helping with internal disputes and making sure that everyone was kept happy. All of us here at EPG thank you for this.


    Moving on (before I start tearing up), we have some fresh meat in the team! Drumroll please....


    • Winter
    • ExplO


    These wonderful people will join us as trials. You will find some important information in your PMs including your new account information. Please be sure to read through this and get comfortable with your new duties!


    We also have an old fart coming back who just couldn't stay away. All of you know him - FinlandDude! He will rejoin us as a level 2 admin, since he is more than familiar with his role as EPG admin.


    On to some other news - we have noticed a large percentage of players complaining that they have been 'scammed' by other players. Please note that we do have a PVP system in place, if you choose to go around this system by sending $500 flips for larger amounts, then it is at your own risk. Similarly, we will not help you if you have decided to give your account details to other members, who then login to your account and take all your cash. This is common sense, we cannot teach you this.


    To the rest of you, as always - if you have any problems in game or experience any bugs / issues, make sure you report it to an admin, and we'll do our best to help!


    Farewell for now!

    Maybe Mayday

    By Chimpulse,

    Hey there,


    It is time for some news again! We can finally, after a long wait, announce our new trials. We congratulate the following people on getting a trial:

    • Grizz
    • HolyS
    • Sparta
    • Fidycent


    Sadly, with the good news we often have to bring you some bad news. As it pains us, we have to say goodbye to two of our members.

    • Leatherface - He decided to leave, we wish him the best of luck
    • Exodo - He has been kicked due to inactivity


    We'll also have to say goodbye to one of our leaders. Lotte will continue as a level 2 admin. Perhaps we will have to hold a fight till death between members who want the spot to fill the void.


    That was all for now,


    EPG Admins

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