By Puma,

    Hellow, it's me :rulez:

    After a while... We would like to do a couple of changes to improve the activity and stability in our community. *(ity ity ity..)


    I'll start with the saddest message to our clan-mates. We're going to change how we deal with our inactive members, which sadly means having to say goodbye to some of them. It is okay if they specify a reason of inactivity, but dissappearing for a month without informing anyone is not going to work. Thus we're introducing a new rule:


    Clan Members will be kicked out from EPG if their activity won't be sufficient everytime we have another recruitment. Each time we'll invite new members to join us as trials and there will be a member who wasn't online for 14 days without giving an explanation in 'I'll be inactive topic' he/she will be kicked out.


    As a result we have to say goodbye to the following members:

    • DutchOwna
    • Promoe
    • X-Deus
    • Tim

    We hope all of you will get your asses back to EPG in time..

    • Exodo

    We would like you to be more active. Right now we will demote you to level 2 and hope to see you around a little more often in future.

    There are also members who decided to retire. They have been great admins and we wish them good luck in future:

    • Kuki
    • CarmY
    • HellKnight

    We really hope to see you around from time to time.


    Ah, that was heavy.. We couldn't end this news with negativity. So let me inform you that our trial time has finally ended with the following results:


    • ChickenWing - has passed his trial period and is now a full EPG member
    • JackMartinez - has passed his trial period and is now a full EPG member
    • Miecznik - has failed because of his low activity

    Also we cheery introduce 2 new level 3 administrators:

    • Minski
    • Lopsided

    You are very important and a huge part of our clan. You deserve it!


    We will be having a Join Round soon, so stay focused and prove your dedication.


    By the end of Feb '17

    By Puma,



    After a downtime we had to deal with and a quite long time of trial period we finally can leave our stand up notes. We had 2 trial admins that were observed by EPG members for 54 days. That's a lot.. Time to move on:

    • Miker - passes and returns as EPG Level 2 Administrator
    • JappaX - unfortunately fails because of his low interest in game


    It seems like Miker has eaten JappaX total week time ( :P ) with his enormous 22 hours which makes him the top active EPG member! Keep it up Miker.



    Everything has the other side of the coin. There are members who play a lot and of course members who rank low. We will try to find out what is going on with these members and let you know in the upcoming news. Staying inactive without a reason will result with a kick.



    Finally.. something you were waiting for so long. This is time for new trial admins! We selected a couple of Join Requests from our JR section and started a vote. EPG members was leaving their opinion about these members and rated them on a scale of one to five (YESS!!, Yes, Idk/Idc, No, HELL NO!) which simplified the decision leaders had to make. Miker got the highest rate (1.41!) which proves how popular he is. Except Miker, we selected 3 popular (among EPG) regular members who will get a chance to join EPG.


    • Miecznik
    • ChickenWing
    • JackMartinez

    become EPG trial administrators! Congratulations.

    You are not full EPG members yet, but you're on a great way to be one. Expect a private message with information about your admin duties and login data.



    We are running our website and game server on 2 different hosts for a couple of days already. Do you experience any problems? Lags? Please leave a comment if there is something wrong, or create a topic in our bug section.


    ΞPG Administration

    Website Downtime

    By Chimpulse,


    Sadly we have experienced a rather long downtime of our website. There were some issues with the host where our server was located. We thought we could resolve these issues in a timely manner, but sadly we couldn't. Thankfully one of our members offered to host the website in the meantime. Many thanks to him and many thanks to Puma in helping getting it back up and running again!


    We also just started looking for new members just before the site went down. The current plan is that we will announce the new trials before the 27th of February (Monday).


    Some functions of the website might not be working properly. If you find anything not working properly please make a topic in our Bug Report board so that we can fix them.


    Sorry for the downtime, hopefully you will enjoy your stay.




    The EPG Staff



    EDIT: New accounts should be able to login now.