Happy 2017

    By Str!k3r,

    It's that time again..



    it's time to take a look behind and be proud. Proud that EPG managed to regain some of it's old glory during the past year.

    We're also proud that our team brought home the bacon and ended the year 2016 with a bang, defeating one of our oldest rivals and fellow MTA clans

    - FFS Gaming - in a decent DM clanwar which ended with a rather tight score of 11-9.


    We're grateful for all the people who joined us in 2016 and we can be confident while looking forward to 2017. At the same time we appreciate the work people

    have done during the past year who are not with us anymore. (hey TiM3)



    But the new year's right in front of us, like a new chapter in a book waiting to be written.


    Our whole team hopes that everyone got to enjoy and celebrate the holidays with their loved ones.

    Furthermore we hope you had a lot of fun gaming on our server this past year and that you'll continue to do so in 2017.


    To ensure you'll get to enjoy a decent gaming experience we're ready to announce some news regarding our team.


    First of all we are glad to announce that BobMarley finally passed his trial period and is a full lv2 EPG admin as of now.

    Welcome aboard!


    And of course there are a few guys who get a special opportunity in early 2017. Therefore the following people will get a

    trial and join the staff:


    - Miker

    - JappaX


    We hope you'll find your place in our midst and want to give you a warm welcome to the team. Try to do your best during the following weeks and make

    sure you contribute to create a friendly and fun atmosphere within our community. Also check your inboxes for account details and read the

    trainee board for further instructions/information.


    We wish all of you a happy and successful new year 2017!




    Ho Ho Ho - Its almost Christmas time

    By Chimpulse,

    Almost Christmas Time

    Yes, its that time of the year again. Santa is working overtime and could really use some extra little workers. Luckily there were already some in the pipeline, jumping at the chance to go live on the north pole and help big old jolly santa.


    Trials Results:

    Promoe has been working overtime at the north pole. Packing presents and packing coal for those oh so naughty children. We're happy to welcome him as a level 2 elf!

    BobMarley has been working hard, but Santa really wishes he would come to the north pole a bit more often. He'll be helping around as level 1 for a little bit longer until he becomes a full fledged packing slav--  eeeh elf.


    • Xavier

    He was such a good elf. Has worked hard and has come so far, but as many elfes before him. He wants to see the rest of the world and travel around! An elf can always count on Santa and thus he'll be a veteran.


    New Trials:

    Santa will be looking for new elfes and with our current elfes we've started voting on new additions to our family. Perhaps you'll even be at the north pole to bring Christmas joy to the world in time!


    Before Santa forgets, I have given EPG a small present! The DM room now supports voting for backtracking. Just like the OS room has voting for ghostmode. That brings Santa to closing the news, perhaps you'll hear from me again in the near future and maybe the server will have a nice Christmassy look to it! In the mean time, I'll be deciding who of you will be on the good list and who will be on the naughty list.






    Election Day

    By Str!k3r,

    Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen,



    As many of you might have noticed.. we recently got to witness one of the biggest election nights in history.

    So today, we'll honor this democratic process our own way. We are finally back with some awesome news.


    First of all lets congratulate the people who managed to pass their trial by vote:


    • Minski
    • HellKnight
    • Streaky
    • LooooP
    • LopSided


    Welcome/Welcome back to our family. It appears you found your place within our team.

    We hope we'll get to share a lot of fun and that you'll continue to give your best to contribute to the great

    atmosphere we managed to achieve ingame.



    We also decided to give two more people the chance to join us as trials:


    • ProMoe
    • BobMarley


    Welcome and congratz, newbs. Make sure you check your inbox regarding some data you might need to handle your new

    position. Also make sure you check the commands you're now able to use - and of course check the trainee board here

    on our forums.



    Unfortunately we have some sad news as well. Due to staying inactive after being warned - the following people will

    be removed from their position as admins:


    • Tropic
    • miecznik


    If you return to be active, make sure you let us know! Until then - take care folks.



    And now I want to add a little comment that goes out to everyone who wants to do us harm. If you try to bring negativity

    to our community/team/server, I (we) will make sure you won't be able to do so any longer. Make no mistake about that.



    That's everything for today, stay tuned, keep supporting us and enjoy the rest of the weekend.



    Str!k3y out.